best budget graphic card

which is the best graphic card within RS 9000 ??
my pc is very old..

config :
4 gb ram
19 inch monitor with 1280x720p reso.
core 2 duo 1.8ghz
motherboard pci 1
and it shows only 3.37 ram usable .. i have 64bit windows 8 and 64 bit based processor
just want to play games on ultra..
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  1. Your system is too slow to keep up with a $150 video card at that resolution.

    I would recommend this: (2 free games)

    Assuming your power supply is powerful enough and you have 1 6-pin pci-e connector.

    If not, then I would recommend this:
  2. psu - 400 w
    and is 7770 comaptible with my motherboard ??

    and also what is the issue with ram.. why is it showing only 3.37 usable ?
  3. Does your psu have the required 6 pin pci-e power cable? What's the make and model?

    Do you have a video card now? Maybe it's using some of your system ram?
  4. Supercomp SEP - 500 450 w psu .. it has 4 pin connector but i have convertor..
    and motherboard asus p5gc-mx/1333..

    I was earlier using asus 8400gs but now no graphic card..
  5. no no no just don't buy a radeon hd 7770 for that rig .it would be a huge bottleneck .and i've the same psu like yours "the cheap quality supercomp sep500 ....a generic psu" it can only handle upto radeon hd 7750 and anything above this card will be waste of money on that rig.and one more thing that with this card you can easily achieve high setting or maybe ultra but on one condition (don't turn anti aliasing to maximum ) .so just buy a sapphire radeon hd 7750 and don't even think about anything higher if you're not gonna upgrade your cpu .just take a sapphire radeon hd 7750 for you rig ...., fit it in and enjoy gaming won't give you any kind of problems for sure ...and doesn't requires any external power connection (6 pin pcie power) which your current psu doesn't have ......don't buy an hd 7770 if you're not gonna upgrade your rig .
  6. Will gtx650 work ??
    And i am confused between Asus , sapphire , HIS models of 7750
  7. I agree, go with 7750, it doesn't need external power and would be a good fit for your old cpu.
  8. Best answer
    no gtx650 won't be handled by that psu cause it consumes more will burn that old psu....don't get confused just go with the sapphire radeon hd 7750...choose sapphire cause it is known for its quality and has best after sales service in also got dvi-to-vga adapter .which you might need.
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