Only my laptop keeps disconnecting from the internet

I recently got the Lenovo Y410P with Windows 8 installed on it and have been having troubles with the internet. It frequently doesn't let me use the internet, even though it still says I have full bars in the bottom right corner. When it isn't working, I check the internet on my other devices and it still works for them. If I manually disconnect from the wifi here, either by turning on airplane mode or by forgetting the connection to this router, and then reconnect, it instantly starts working again. I would try more solutions, but being that this is my first time experiencing Windows 8, I am not that familiar since it is quite different from Windows 7. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I am trying to re-download programs onto this machine and these disconnections keep interrupting the downloads. Thank you.
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  1. Look for updated drivers for the wireless NIC. Also, if the NIC in the laptop is 802.11 bgn and your router is 802.11bg (not n) then disable the N on the NIC (use bg only), its worth a try.
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