AMD Athlon II X2 270 vs Phenom II X3 705e -OR- New Motherboard/CPU

My AMD Athlon II X2 260u (cpu-system) has served my needs for the past 2+ years, but I need to squeeze more life/power out of it while I save up for a new machine; which will be my first build! :eek:
Anyways, I'm trying my best to utilize a very small budget to upgrade my machine while I finish up school. I think I have found 2 CPU's that will work within my mobo's meager 65 watt TDP.

After looking around, it appears that simply replacing the motherboard/cpu may not be within my budget, and/or cause issues with my operating system.
I have about $150 & Windows 7 OS installed prior to purchase (no CD). I need to be able to record and edit video/audio and would like to be able to broadcast to twitch while playing modern games.

I would really appreciate your help/insight, what do you recommend?
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  1. a new setup would be better but what do u do that this new cpu will be used for?
  2. lazyboy947 said:
    a new setup would be better but what do u do that this new cpu will be used for?

    Need to be able to edit video (specifically Adobe Premiere) and would like to be able to broadcast/stream gameplay to twitch.
  3. well then the core count of the tri core would help but its 2.5ghz is a killer, would def attempt to upgrade totally to something like a fx 6300 or in general a quad core
  4. Given that Windows is $100 ..Your budget for CPU + mobo + RAM is $50..
    I can't think of anything to make that happen.
    Jam the biggest CPU you can into that and call it good.
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