I just purchased an Intel i5 4670K, ASUS Z87-A Motherboard and Corsair H80i Water CPU Cooler. I was debating on which motherboard to buy: ASUS Z87-A ($155) vs. ASUS TUF SABERTOOTH Z87 ($260) vs. ASUS Z87-PRO ($175). I went with the ASUS Z87-A since I was running a little short on cash. I could have still went with one of the more expensive ones but I would have pushed my budget. I am planning on overclocking the 4670K, so will there be a big difference in overclock if I were to have bought one of the more expensive MBs? Do you guys think I should return the ASUS Z87-A and get a more expensive MB?
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  1. id return the h80i. any closed loop cooler other than the h220 from swiftech are a joke from how little performance they would offer over the regular heatsinks. if they charge you a return fee, then keep it

    as for the board, the z87-a is fine. the sabertooth is a scam and the pro board isnt that much better. neither of them will overclock noticeably better than one another
  2. Well I got the H80i on sale for $60 so I'm not too worried about it.
  3. You can use this table to work out what the difference between the boards is:

    Decide for yourself which features you need and whether they appeal to you. Everyone has different views on these things, so take advice with a grain of salt.
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