CPU Power Supply 8Pin Socket with 4Pin Plug

I just started building my first pc build and i made the mistake of buying a cheap non-modular power supply (CiT 850W 12cm Silent Fan Dual Rail Power Supply). The problem with that is that the cable it came with is only a 4pin CPU power cable, whereas my motherboard (Asus P9X79 PRO) and CPU (Intel i7 - 3820 ) both require the use of an 8pin CPU power cable. Are their any converters from 4pin to 8pin that I could use and that would work , or a converter from molex or cable to an extra 4pins. If I can could you please add a link to where I can buy them from (I live in U.K. so would prefer not having to buy it from abroad).
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    I'd recommend going on Ebay. UK because I believe I saw one earlier when I was browsing. Never the less, if you'd want to send me a prepaid package I'd gladly off load a like new 250w power supply to you. Getting link to 4pin to 8pin

    Pretty sure this is what you'd be looking for?

    This Or this
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  2. Not true the asus mb can run with just four pin plug. There are adaptores on eBay and your local cabe store if you want.
  3. I have a similar setup, my (CiT) psu only has the 4 pin and my mobo has an 8 pin connector, and mine works almost fine...
    The reason I say almost fine has been mentioned on this forum before - CiT PSUs are HORRIBLE! (I explain below)

    I bough a CiT 650w and my system was really unstable, I got as high as seven crashes in under a minute and I though it was due to insufficient power so I upgraded to 750w (Cit for the cheap) and it's better but, on a bad day, it's still too much to bear.

    I advice against anyone ever getting a CiT PSU, based on my two experiences with them.
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