Looking for the right motherboard for the right graphic card

So i don't know much about computers but i have a desktop computer with processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 521 Processor 3.50Ghz
with 4gb RAM. I don't know what my motherboard is nor do i know what the highest type of graphic card i can get for my motherboard. I wanna download games and my current graphic card sucks. I know that my power supply and mother board and processor should be able to support the graphic card. My current graphic card is ATI Radeon HD 4200. What is the highest i can get for my computer? and how do i know what my mother board can handle....thnks for your help!!
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  1. Get a 7870 if you can what is your power supply thats what really matters
  2. i dunno my power supply...how do i check that? lol
  3. a hd7870 will be bottle necked by your cpu;u can know about ur motherboard by downloading a software "cpu-z"...download it;know the details of ur mobo and don;t forget to give us the details of your power supply
  4. ok i can't find anything about the power supply on cpu-z ...
    i did find something about the motherboard.
    manufacturer : FOXCONN
    model : 2AB1
    chipset - AMD 785g
    southbridge : AMD sb700

    nothin on the power supply..maybe im lookin in the wrong places but ye
  5. the best processor quad-core u can get is the phenom x4 960T and the best six-core processor u can get is the Phenom II X6 1065T(95W),well for graphics card u can go quite mid-high with the processors(cpu) i listed.at first u need to check your psu,it's the amin part.
    Just open your pc case and see the brand,rail,wattage of ur psu and also see whether u have a 6-pin pci-e connector
  6. my power supply is 250w
  7. i dunno if this link will work but this is pretty much my computer

    I been looking around and your right abt the processors...those two will definitely work. cuz they both have tdp of 95w and thats my max upgrade.
    power supply i can get a 600 watt
    but the graphic card is a little tricky. i wanna know the highest card i can possibly get for either my current processor or if i were to get the quad -core
  8. hi there, u can get a 95W cpu like the phenom x4 945(95 W), 960T,840 e.t.c and phenom x6 1035T,1055T e.t.c. get a x4 960T and u would be perfectly fine.
    for the psu get a corsair CX500W, it would be enough and for the gpu the highest u can get is the gtx760/hd7950. get the gtx760.
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