My old psu doesnt work on my micro atx motherboard why?

My pentuim 4 powersupply doesnt work on my new micro atx motherboard somebody knows why? i placed my micro atx in a midtower. sorry if its not clear
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  1. Newer system boards require power to the CPU at a four or six pin port. You need upgrade your PSU
  2. But it fits? everthing goes in the right place
  3. im going to buy a thrust 370 watt should it work?
  4. Perhaps it would help if you could post the model number of your motherboard, and the model number of the power supply?
  5. The powersupply thrust 370 w ac input 230v/50hz/4a
    Motherboard acer aspire ax1900 tell if you want know more and thanks for answer me
  6. my micro atx psu deliver 80 watt of something if i plug my graphics card the psu getts to hot and shut down the pc
  7. processor Intel Pentium Dual Core E5800 3.20GHz
  8. I looked at the power supply. I've never heard of the Thrust, the maker, before but what struck me are the power ratings (3.3V @ 14A, 5V @ 30A, 12V @ 15A) seem to be for older computer specifications, pre-Pentium 4 even. These days most power is delivered at 12V. Between that, not knowing anything about the maker, and the fact that it looks cheap, I would recommend you get a power supply from Antec if you are on a tight budget.

    The motherboard you are listing seems to be from the Intel Core 2 era, from what I can find. Between that and the video card you could be drawing a fair amount of power.

    Last question, what kind of video card are you using?
  9. nvidia gt 530 thats the reason why i want a higher psu
  10. but a psu from a pentuim 4 wont work?
  11. That's a Antec Earthwatts, the earlier non-green colored one. Still good, it would work, but I think a 650W supply is overkill for your needs. Something more in the 300W-350W range would be fine based on what I know about your system.

    I'd say for specific voltages...
    3.3V @ 10A (or more)
    5V @ 15A (or more)
    12V @ 20A (or more)

    If you find an Antec, Seasonic, or Corsair unit that supplies up to these voltages, you'll be more than fine. I'm going over what you need a bit there actually just to keep you on the safe side.
  12. thanks for the information and for your time.
  13. but one thing a pentuim 4 psu wont work? i tested and it doesnt is that normal?
  14. The problem with the power supply, at least the one you listed (if you are currently using a different one) is it might not be supplying the correct energy to the CPU and video card. In particular if you are low on the 12V line, that could cause the problems you are experiencing.

    Or it could be that your old power supply is starting to fail due to age.

    I hope I have answered all of your questions. If you need help with specific model numbers for you to look for, I can try, but it looks like you are NL-based so there may be some market differences.
  15. Yes your did thanks!! so a new 300 350 watt should work.
  16. Yes your did thanks!! so a new 300 350 watt should work.
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