Total power cunsumption...

Hey, today I just purchased a full rig, ready to be put together.

My total cart of items is listed here:

Intel i5 3470 3.2 GHz with 3.6 GHz boost.
Nvidia GTX 650
WD green 2TB desktop HD
SAT-A DVD ROM and CD-ROM reader
Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard
Windows 8
AOC 23 Inch LED monitor
600W Corsair modular PSU.

My one and only concern is, will all of this work on a 600W power supply?
I tried a ASUS wattage calculator, but I don't trust it.

Anyone able to answer my question out there? any help is much appreciated.
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  1. That will easily run on a 600W PSU
  2. a 600w corsair psu will run that easily
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    That build would work absolutely fine on a 500w system, so 600w is definitely plenty. Can't tell if you've bought it yet from what you've said, but if you're in the US then the Corsair CX500 non-modular version is on sale for $40 I believe, so you may want to check that out.
  4. @Everyone
    Thank you all for your answers, yep I have bought it, just making sure, I would rather not have bought a very expensive firework.
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