$750-800 Dollar Gaming PC Opinion

I'm going to build my first gaming PC soon but before I buy any of the parts I wanted a second opinion.


My maximum budget is $800 dollars, I want to know if I can get better performance for my budget?

I play a variety of games from Battlefield 3 to Civilization V.
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  1. You can't overclock on that motherboard. You need a z77 motherboard to overclock.

    Drop to an i5 3350p. Use the saved money to get an hd7870.
  2. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/17sUE

    The 7950 will last you a while and allow you to play on ultra with everything maxed out and it comes with 4 free games. The i5 is better than the fx-6300 but with the 7950 instead of the 660 you'll see way better improvement. You can get a nice OC with the 6300 however you might want to hold off on the heatsink and use the stock for a week then grab a hyper 212 EVO (or Corsair water cooler) but that's just me.
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