Virus help please - don't know what to do

I've got a virus on my comp which is getting worse everyday with reboots crashes and programs not working. If I try and install anti virus such as fprot avg or avira etc the programs shut down on install.

Any windows folders which have anti virus programs in them close down as soon as I click on the folder. I've tried installing anti virus in safe mode and it still doesnt work.

I cant even use an online virus scanner because if I even type the word virus anywhere in a search box, the browser shuts down.

Any suggestions?
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  1. You can do a non-destructive format of Windows, it will preserve all your user generated data but you will need to reinstall any programs you had on there. I believe you hit f7 or something on start up to access the Windows recovery partition. Otherwise you may just need to do a full re-install, but the non-destructive repair run once or twice should get you to the point where you can get rid of the virus, I had a nasty one similar to this and after 2 or 3 reinstalls I caught it with malware bytes.
  2. From another machine, download and burn to CD Hiren's BootCD.

    Boot from that, not your normal Windows install. Run through some of the malware mitigation tools.
  3. Thanks
    USAFRet Hirens boot cd worked
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