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Selecting RAM without a memory selector (Asus P8Z77-M)

Hi guys,

I've been putting together the spec for my first build for a while now and following some advice on these boards I've gone from the MSI Z77A-GD65 to a little less high specced Asus P8Z77-M.

With the MSI the memory finder sites such as Kingston's were suggesting HyperX and such. With the Asus Kingston only recommends their industry standard Value range. Whilst this isn't a problem technologically as I realise heatsinks really aren't necessary in most cases, practically, this range is very difficult to source in the UK it seems.

So my question really is, are the products shown on the memory selectors the only ones that will work with the specified motherboard. Or for instance would the HyperX work anyway and just doesn't show up for some reason. How do I manually identify memory modules that will work with my chosen motherboard?

EDIT: I'm looking to install 8gb in 2 4gb modules, leaving space to another two in future if necessary.
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    The QVL is not the final list of memory which your motherboard support. Basically, any DDR3 which meets the memory specification should work speaking about branded memory not generic. The QVL is just the list of memory which Asus has tested and due to vast amount of memory available on the market they tend to use some memory for testing but not all.

    Basically, any DDR3 memory of speeds ranging from 2400MHz - 1066MHz should work and max per slot is 8GB so 4 x 8GB is the max. At present 16GB is not compatible but it might be added in the future. Make sure the memory is "NON-ECC" DIMM (240pin).

    As far as speed is concerned anything between 2133MHz - 1600MHz and go for the lowest latency possible for the corresponding speed which is what you must be looking at. If you need any recommendation then let me know.

    Yes, I do agree that memory with heat spreaders aren't a necessary so if you would like to get some value ram then try crucial or this site (<- Click here!!). Hope that answers your question. Cheers, mate:cheese:
  2. Great! Thanks for clearing that up Legohouse, I appreciate it! :)
  3. TaffyC said:
    Great! Thanks for clearing that up Legohouse, I appreciate it! :)

    I assume the answer is satisfactory so if you don't mind you could select the answer and close the thread. Cheers!! :clin:
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