Windows 8 Screen won't show up until my computer goes into sleep mode!

Okay so basically when i start up my computer i have to wait until it goes into sleep then i move my mouse and my screen shows up like i can see it and everything.. I honestly have no clue how to fix this i really need help with this.. I've had this problem for 2 months looked all over the forums trying to find a post... Please help.
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  1. Restore your PC to ADATE BEFORE 2 MONTHS
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    Try running System File Checker.
    Winkey plus 'X'
    Choose Command Prompt (Admin)
    Type sfc /scannow and then hit Enter

    If that doesn't improve things, try running chkdsk
    Type chkdsk /f /r and Enter (note there I always a space before /)
    Type Y and hit Enter when prompted to run chkdsk when Windows restarts
    Restart Windows
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