would buying a better cpu cooler increase performance? cpu hot in gamming

was wondering cause my games runs the overclocked i7 920 at anywhere between 74 to 79C for most part and somtimes steady at 81c max. was wondering if buying another a better cpu cooler and lowering the temps if that would increase performance of the cpu. thought is at those temps it may throttle back and i not even know it but not sure if cpus do this i think they do not sure
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  1. When the CPU throttles down you will definitely notice the difference in performance. It will not be a small decrease, but something rather large. I don't have an i7-920, but I would say it should be several hundred MHz.

    Buying a better cooler is always a good idea since heat kills electronics. Excluding laptops, I prefer the CPU temp to be no higher than 60C - 65C under 100% load.
  2. yea i upgrade every few years so not worried about heat as long as its in the safe zone. i keep it somewhat warm in the house during summer so is why its warm in winter its alot lower cause i like cold weather but my main thing is weather or not it throttles
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