Thermal Compound Problem

Hello, today was my first time building a computer. I didnt have thermal compound so I walked over to some random store where some guy sold me this thermal compound for a dollar. When I applied it, it was white. I've seen alot of silver ones but today was the first time Ive seen a white one. Is this normal? And when I was applying it I accidentally added too much and it went all the way down to the pins can I fix this?
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  1. there are white ones but they are cheap and won't be too good with your temps and i would recomend cleaning that paste off very carefully bacause when thermal paste heats up it expands and can warp your board or pins
    hope this hels Skarin
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    white is okay i would say not as good as silver but theres a difference for using the other but will work fine, it wont make a huge difference.

    To clean the pins attempt to carefully pick out the paste on the pins, and the socket without bending or ruining anything
  3. "white" is fine, but what is it? "silver" compounds, like artic silver 5, are conductive and horribly outdated. I'm shocked people still use them.
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