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I have recently bought a new pc and it was said to be 2 terabytes of hard drive. Well the main hard drive ( C: ) is only 100 gb big and I wanted to move the files from my old of to this new one. The old files are about 390 gb. I am using windows easy transfer to take my old files to a external hard drive as a backup and then move that to my new pc. The thing is when I say I want to move my files to the new pc it takes them to the c drive and it won't fit there. You can change where to place the files in but, it is locked on making it so the c drive is the only option. I am not even allowed to change anything with the mapp
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  1. Look under My Computer. You probably have two or more partitions totalling about 2 TB
  2. We need to figure out how many hard drives you have and how they are PARTITIONED.

    For example, if you have a single 2TB drive with two partitions, when you open "COMPUTER" (Windows Explorer) you might see something like this:

    100GB (Partition #1 of the 2000GB HDD. That's 1860GB usable).

    Possibly the DVD drive

    1760GB (2nd partition of 2TB HDD)

    *What you probably want to do is copy all the data from the 1st PC to the SECOND partition of that 2GB hard drive, not the C-drive itself.

    **Let me know if you need further help or if your setup differs from what I described.
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