Keyboard keys activate Right click Menu?

Hello I'm running Windows 7 with a plug and play Logitech classic keyboard.

When I type the letters 'b' 'n' and '?' it activates the right click menu in Skype and Google chrome. However when I use it on 'second life' it works fine. But sometimes it also automatically presses 'w' or 'c' by itself. Although this sounds like a spillage has occurred on the device I haven't, I tried a brand new keyboard and the problem persists. I've searched high and low for a fix and to read up about other people with this problem and I have not had any luck.

I've tried checking for viruses and nothing has been found (using malwarebytes) and I've system restored to as far back as I can go. I've also changed the socket the USB is connected to, to see if it will fix it. But yet the problem still occurs. However when a friend remote controls my computer the keys work fine with no right click menu appearing at all.

Please may someone assist me as this is starting to take its toll.
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  1. try the usb ports on the front of your pc instead.

    look at your keyboard and language settings. is everything set on us english defaults? try swapping to something else and then back again.

    delete all keyboard and mouse drivers you may have and use the ones that come with windows

    if that doesnt work...

    have you tried a fresh OS install?

    delete partition, create new partition full hdd format twice...the whole works....full install of windows....install just the basic drivers

    does it work then?

    since you already went back as far as you can go perhaps this is worth a test.

    a fresh install would eliminate any software as the culprit and there shouldnt be any driver issues with only gpu and mobo drivers installed.

    if the proplem persists (with multiple keyboards) with a fresh install then my guess would be that its a hardware problem. perhaps something screwy going on with the motherboard but due to the screwy nature of your problem i cant say for sure.
  2. Restart computer?
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