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i currently have a gtx 460 and i am considering buying a third screen. according to this thread http:// the gtx 460 doesn't support 3 screens so would i be able to buy a cheap video card (maybe around $30) to run 1 screen at 1280x1024 and the gtx 460 would run my 2 other screens.

note: i have never run more that 1 video card in a computer so im not sure on how that works at all
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  1. i want to run games off of my 24" 1080p screen which would be attached to my gtx460. my 32" 720p screen would be attached to the gtx460 too, but i only use it for multitasking and hopefully my 19" screen would be attached to a second gpu also for multitasking
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    Keep in mind that you can only install one display driver per windows installation, so both of the cards have to be from the same company, and support the same driver versions.

    Also, be sure that when you have 2 graphics card in your computer, your motherboard doesn't split the PCI-E lanes into two x8. (this usually happens in cheap Motherboards less than 130$). It can affect your good GPU's performance very badly...

    Note :
    You can't run games on those three displays, since it is two separate GPUs.
    You can spare your money if you already have an intergrated display chipset that can work alongside your GPU.

  3. other than the graphics that my cpu has, my motherboard (Asrock H67M-GE) has no on board graphics, and it would have to run the graphics cards in x8 which isn't an option.
    so i guess im going to just use two displays and not buy a second gpu
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