unistalling completely ATI/AMD driver and CCC to install drivers for intel hd 4000

Hello guyz, this thing is driving me crazy and i need a bit of help, because i have no more.

So as you may know ( i recently found out) unistalling AMD drivers to install a nvidia card o intel hd its a total pain in the ass!!!

I'm one of the unlucky guyz who got that huge 7% hd7870 that came with faulty (and cheaps) capacitators, and sunddenly my card is dead.

I live outside USA and im gonna have bringing a new card (going for a nividia this time) from USA to my place and it will take no less than 3 weeks (i buy them in USA because they are extremely cheap compared to the prices around here).

So i have unistall CCC and have use driver sweeper, and also have gone into regedit and deleted everything that said AMD or ATI as well as in my HD files (except for the windows file's ones) and everytime i install the driver for the hd 4000 when windows gets about to start, video signal stops working.

I know the hd 4000 its working fine because with the windows default drivers (from 2006) it works...

So does anyone have any idea that would help me?

Ill greatly apreciate it!
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  1. My pc spec:

    Biostar Tz77a motherboard
    CPU 3450 intel
    8 gb of ram 1600 mhz dominators
    win 7 64 bits
  2. Hi, the HD 4000 is the on-chip graphics (intel CPU) default driver. If you are looking for a separate NVidia video card driver you need this one=320.18 wqhl http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
    Enter/choose your set up & install that, but I think you need the card plugged in first.
  3. Thanks for the reply, i actually have to install the driver for the hd 4000 :/

    I install it and when it comes to the signal stop thing, i enter in safe mode and i can see that the driver is being recognize for the hd 4000 but for some reason it aint working, and i have to roll it back to the latest driver used before it
  4. this is where you get the driver for the internal hd chipset http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=580#dl
  5. thnx for the reply, indeed thats where you get it, but after i install it and reboot i get no signal from video when windows is about to start (i can see the post). Im so sure this because AMD and their crappy unistall, is driving me crazy :/
  6. if you could enter the bios and check witch card is the first one to start with windows the pci-e or the internal try to set the internal first if you do not have any other card in the system .
  7. Thnx for the reply will do, ill come back with an answer
  8. did it but nothing :/ im sure its something from amd lefty behind but i cant find it... any ideas?
  9. could you restore the system just before you install that hd 7870 card and is driver ?
  10. imposible i did that almost a year ago :(
  11. well im actually frustrated after a whole day of trying i give up ill have to format my pc :/
  12. format is the last resort but at least you will have a clean os just take note for your network driver so you could connect to the net and finish the reinstall on all the driver you need .
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