Intel 520 240gb $178 vs. Samsung 840 Pro 256gb $225

Hey guys, so I'm in a little bit of a fickle between these two SSD's. Both are well known, and both have 5-year warranties!

The reason I can get the Intel SSD 520 240gb for $178 is through connections.

However, I saw that the Samsung 840 Pro 256gb almost beats the 520 in every benchmark here:

But in reality, what kind of difference will I notice? Is it like a 20 second boot-up vs. a 17 second boot-up?

In that case, I'd rather just save the $50 and go with Intel.

But if the Samsung 840 Pro really is that much better, I'd like to hear some feedback!

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  1. I'd get the Samsung because I deal with alot of uncompressible data but you'd hardly notice a difference otherwise.
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