So.. what does it mean when your GPU does this? Screenshot inside.

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I'm running a dual-monitor setup, and the second display always does what is in the screenshot. If I disconnect one display, the only connected display starts showing that. I have never seen this before and I have no idea what caused this. The only thing I can say is that this immediately happened upon loading a Flash video in Firefox, but I am unsure if the events are related at all.

The GPU I am running is a Gigabyte 7970, with one display connected via DVI and the other via DVI->Display Port. If you guys require more information, please let me know. Thanks!
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  1. look like you need to rma that gpu card for defect .
  2. Run OCCT and see how you do.
  3. scout_03 said:
    look like you need to rma that gpu card for defect .

    This was my fear as well. :/

    Anonymous said:
    Run OCCT and see how you do.

    Sorry, what would be the reason to run this?
  4. to stress the component .
  5. Alright, which test should I run?

    EDIT: Ok, so I just tried something I probably should have tried to begin with.. restarted my computer.. fixed the problem.

    What the hell, man? Weird stuff going on..
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    then check the setting for your graphic card and the refresh rate should be at 60 hertz ,but i would keep a eye on this card .
  7. I've had this card for nearly a year now with very few problems (the only problems I have had were very infrequent screen flickers, likely due to my overclock). What I got tonight was something, like I said, I have never seen before, period, and I honestly cannot even begin to imagine what caused it. I rechecked all my settings, as you suggested, and everything appears to be normal.

    You are right, this card is definitely beginning to worry me. I might RMA it anyways just for that screen flicker problem and see if they accept that..
  8. when you had it overclock maybe she did not like it ,do the rma for artefact .
  9. I will likely do that, thanks for all your help!
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