How to hook up an 8 pin graphics card

I am trying to hook my sapphire vaporx 7950 which is 8-pin and my power supply only has 2 6-pin and there is a random separate 2-pin and 3 4-pin connectors. And it is an axeon 700 watt. The card came with 2 adapters that go from 8 to 2 4-pin(it is in the 4-pin shape but only has 3 pins)
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  1. On a power supply there three four pin black pci power plugs. One goes on the end of the 24 pin atx plug. Two of them are put together for the eight pin pci power plug near the CPU or on the edge of the mb. There should be two blue cables with six pins plus two hanging two pins. These are your video card power plugs. Take one of the six plus two and plug it into the eight pin port on the video card.
  2. I only have one hanging 2-pin but have 2 6-pin
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    If the card needs two eight pins. Use one of the six pins with tha hanging two pins. Then use the eight pin to four pin molex adaptor for the other eight pin block on the video card.
  4. Ya want two of these

    or two of these

    DO NOT use the 8 pim EPS or two 4 pins

    The 8 pin PCI Express and the EPS 8 pin 12 volt connectors are polarized differently so you won't be able to plug one kind of cable into the other kind of connector.
  5. AFAIK this isn't possible with that power supply.

    I recommend a quality 650W PSU like THIS ONE:

    Sure it seems expensive but that's what a quality gaming PSU costs. You can get a lot of problems without a quality PSU. If you want to spend less be very careful and read reviews/comments and ensure it has enough Wattage and the proper connectors.
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