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I was thinking about getting an apple Thunderbolt Display (27 inch) sometime in the near future. My motherboard has 2 thunderbolt ports and I just wanted to know if it is compatible with my mobo, and if so if it is plugged into my motherboards TB port would it use my Gpu or the integrated graphics. Gpu is gtx 770 I'll be using windows 7 home premium 64 bit.
Mobo: asrock extreme 6 dual thunderbolt port
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    First of all, you would connect to the Dual-DVI output on the GTX770.

    Thunderbolt outputs on a PC motherboard contain no graphic data so there's no point attaching that to your monitor.

    If it's even possible, you would need an ADAPTER (DVI to Thunderbolt).

    *There are very good displays for cheaper with basically IDENTICAL picture quality that might be a better choice like THIS ONE for $700 (was on sale for $560):

    This would connect to your dual-DVI output on the GTX770.
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