Gaming Laptop specs?

Okay, so for the past few days I have been trying to decide on what laptop I want. My budget is around 2500$ since my parents are buying it for me I would prefer for it to be lower so it is more likely they will pay for it.

I need help on making some decisions, about the gpu, cpu, hard drives, in terms of how much it will help me gaming. I play mostly MMO's like SWTOR and GW2.

I have come to find a few computers I like.

One being the Alienware 17... but I have a few possibilities.. I am trying to figure out which gpu+cpu+hard drive I want in it...
Do I want the 4800MQ processor with 770m GTX gpu + 256 gb ssd boot drive 750gb hhd. about 2500$ (unable to get 780.. too much)
Or would I want the 4700MQ processor with 780 GTX gpu + 750gb hdd + 64gb SSD cache drive . about 2300$ (unable to get the boot drive with this one

OR would I want more of an MSI G laptop? and which one would I want?
I was thinking the 15 inch msi gt60, 4700 + 780 gpu + SSD boot drive.. for 2,099$
or there is even a 15 inch msi gt60 4700+ 770 + SSD boot drive.. for 1,799$ .. is the 4800 really worth it?

or the SAGER laptops that are completely customizable in terms of pieces you want in them. I would probably prefer all SSD's if possible? Right?
the 17 inch sager with 770m GPU + 4800 cpu +256gb crucial drive + 750gb hdd.. for 2,094$
or 17" 770m gpu + 4800 cpu + 2 240gb SSD, one as boot drive .... for around 2,300$

MY MAIN QUESTION/CONCERNS are towards what I should really focus on in terms of the money I am spending...
Should I take the higher gpu chip with the lower cpu.. or vice versa... and then should I really want a SSD boot drive or no? or a cache drive?

What exactly should I focus on. I am kinda more into the Alienware just cause of the look, and the combos that I actually like, MSI are my second favorite in terms of looks and such but idk which one I really want.. I would like the first alienware i listed for 2500 if my parents allow and if that would be the best combo...

Please help

EDIT: If it would be best/just as good as others.. I do prefer the alienware 17 with SSD boot drive 770m and 4800 cpu from what i hear.. as long as the boot drive works good?
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  1. When you are high on budget, nothing beats Sager.
    They offer you most customization out there and you can upgrade later on too.

    No do not go for all SSD, that will cost you more than the laptop itself. Get 256 GB SSD and a good HDD. Keep SSD as boot drive.

    Alienware was one of the best gaming laptop company until Dell owned it. Now its not so good.

    Check this one out -

    Sager NP9390-Special Edition

    Here, change CPU to 4800, GPU to GTX 780M (SLI also available), RAM to 24 GB and you have $2400 notebook ready with the best of the best.

    Nothing better than this. What is more? You are getting 256 GB SSD too.
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