Is 4-Way SLI/Crossfire Possible w/ Sound Card & RAID Card?

I plan on building a new beastly PC with Quad SLI/Crossfire, liquid cooling, etc. I was just wondering how I would possibly fit 4 video cards, a sound card, and a RAID Controller all on the same motherboard. All motherboards I've looked at only have enough space for the 4 video cards and nothing more. Does anyone know of a motherboard that I could do this on or have a solution that would allow me to do this?
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  1. Which card were you going to SLI? Its usually more efficient to run less cards, but make them higher end. Which would solve your problem. Quad SLI is most commonly done using two dual GPU cards like 690's or titans / 7990's.

    Also a lot of motherboards have built in sound. Are you going to be buying a card that is actually better than the onboard?
  2. I was planning on going with 4 Radeon 7970's. I'm an audiophile so I plan on buying a very nice soundcard.

    Edit: Would dual 7990's be just as powerful?
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    Slightly weaker but performance would be as good.

    Also, I would like to remind you of micro sluttering problems with ATI Crossfire which renders one card useless for many games. If you play with both in use you would encounter sluttering.

    Rather buy two GTX 690 and SLI them. They work perfectly.
  4. Check your facts lucky :P,3329-19.html

    The 7990's match or best two 7970's.

    Although she is perfectly correct about crossfire issues. Although on the other hand you can use Radeon Pro to get rid of the stutter at the cost of some 10% of your total fps. Which with two of those cards, you have enough hardware it wouldnt be noticed on most games.
  5. Alright, that is not as fast as four 7970s since compressing two cards into one cuts out on a bit of potential unless you are using Asus Mars III or something.

    Just that its kind of equivalent of running 4 7970s without occupying all PCIE slots.

    Read some reviews about GTX 690 vs HD 7990 and found out 690 giving more FPS so said that. I guess that did not included Devil13. ^^

    Sorry about mistake.
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