How do I set up a Netgear N900 dual-band router with a 2Wire 3600 U-verse router/gateway

I just got coerced by AT&T to go from ADSL to Uverse. (Too much "network congestion" in my area) Prior to this, I was using a simple but effective Speedstream modem (and that's all it did) for the DSL to feed the Netgear WDNR4500 N900 dual band wireless router. The Netgear router fed one desktop PC via a hardwire to one of the LAN ports and multiple wireless devices on both bands. In addition it also sent a signal to a Netgear WN2500RP wireless access point to provide wireless signal extension to the back areas of the house as well as a hardwired LAN connect for the AT&T Microcell device. All worked great and I had excellent coverage throughout the house. Until last night. AT&T sent me a 3600 model (exact model number escapes me at he moment) 2Wire 54Mbps b/g combination deivce which is a two-in-one modem (or if you prefer, gateway) and wireless router. Interestingly, on the back side there is the line input for the signal from the standard wall phone jack, two jacks for phones (for those who choose VOIP service - I did not) and four ethernet ports, but no WAN port. When I connect a standard CAT5E (to the best of my knowledge, it is not a crossover cable) from one of the ethernet ports on the 2Wire to the WAN port on the Netgear router I do not get a solid green light on the Netgear router which would indicate as IP assignment. I've also tried going from one of the ethernet ports on the 2Wire to one of the ethernet ports on the Netgear (same type of cable) with no success there either. I have done this with the wireless function on the 2Wire enabled and disabled with no diffetrence in results. Sorry for the long-winded explanation but hopefully someone else has found a work around for this less than optimal, dated piece of hardware. As a side note, I did rename the SSID on the 2Wire to "2WIRE_POS" - yes, POS stands for what you think it does...
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  1. can you connect the PC to the 2wire for testing to see if the new modem/router is working?
  2. Emerald said:
    can you connect the PC to the 2wire for testing to see if the new modem/router is working?

    The 2Wire powers on, and after setup assigned an IP to the PC (which was connected via Cat5E to one of the ethernet ports on it) and I have also had the 2Wire working wirelessly and connected a laptop and mobile phone to it. It's currently working in that configuration with wireless devices being assigned IPs from the 2Wire, a less than optimal solution, but necessary while I'm at work and my wife is working at home. Ideally, I want to have the 2Wire function solely as a modem or gateway, with the Netgear 4500 acting as the wired switch and wireless router, as well as connect to the Netgrear 2500 range extender to support other devices wired and wirelessly.
  3. is the 4500 set to automatic or PPPoE on the WAN side of the router?
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