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Hello everyone pls i need some help to convert a blank raw DVD to ntfs format I bought it for the purpose of creating a system image I tried to do without converting but the stored files does not work it says I have to convert the DVD to ntfs format before I start creating a system image the DVD type is DVD+rw 4gb windows 7 pls help me I tried everything I know .
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  1. Unless you have packet writing software, you can't access a DVD +RW like a hard drive. Most backup software that can backup to an optical drive should automatically take care of the formatting & data writing.

    Also, if you are trying to image your OS, it will take more than one dvd as a dvd only holds 4.7 gig.
  2. First of all thank you for the answer yes I do have 20 or more raw DVDs and when I want to use them for a system image backup a popup message appear saying I need to format the disk which I did and i stored some files but they are in udf format which doesn't work
  3. Which backup software are you using? The built in win7 backup? I'm very surprised that backup software would ask you to format the dvd. Once you select the destination drive most backup software takes care of the rest.
  4. Yes it's windows 7 backup it does ask me to format the disk once formatted the raw format change to udf pls if you could suggest anything that can help I need to restore my laptop because I have a lot of problems in it one of them is windows update which is not working and I tried a lottttt of things to get it work before thinking to restore but without any success
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    Here are instructions for using windows backup.

    This is the only information I can find on the backup failing on CD/DVD.
  6. Thank you so much guys I'll try this
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