Portable HDD usb 3.0 WD PASSPORT , other ways to get data out.

i have a 1 tb portable Western digital Hdd with Usb 3.0

It comes on and is being read by the computer as removable disk (f) as opposed to WDpassport. Takes forever on right click it, it doesn't open ( main issue).

The head i think is damaged, i opened the plastic casing and found a set of 'pins' which i believe needs a external dock of some sorts to be connected.

This is other than the conventional usb 3.0 port. Can someone tell me what that dock is called and is it possible to get my data out.

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  1. These are the manufacturer's official diagnostic and recovery tools: http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=612&sid=3
    (You can ignore the fact that a different drive is selected.)

    If you suspect the USB to SATA adapter is malfunctioning, you can remove the drive from the adapter and plug it into the computer's motherboard using a SATA cable.
    If this were to somehow solve the problem, you can purchase generic USB 3.0 <-> SATA adapters or external drive enclosures for cheap.
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