PSU for upgrading to Geforce GTX 650

Hello, I have one question.

It's enough for upgrade to Geforce GTX 650 (maybe "Ti", but it have same power consumption) with this PSU and other specs ? Yes, as you see, my psu suitable for minimum requirements... but, I wan't to know your opinions.

System specs:
Intel i5-3350p
PSU: 400W
Nvidia GeForce GT 640
4gb ram
MSI H61M-P20 (G3) motherboard

Thanks for answers.
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  1. First thing you have to do is see how many amps @ 12 volts you have.

    If it is multi rail it will have a combined rating for all the 12 volt rails together.

    It may be in watts as well, that is not an issue, just a way or grab a pic if the PSU sticker for us.

    If all comes down to
    A How much power the system needs
    B. How much power you have(generally 12 volts is used for the power sucking devices)

    If your power supply is decent, either card should work.

    Personally I am running a 300 watt power supply with a GTX 650ti(MSI factory overclocked with no boost) and rarely see full system power pass 150 watts at the wall.

    It is important to know that my system was built with low power consumption in mind(about 40 watts with music playing, not bad for a 3 year old system, newer ones should be even more power friendly).
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