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I have a laptop hd here that is on it's last leg. After extracting it and connecting it to my own system, windows sloooowly detects it and populates the directories. It seems that most of the data is accessible if you have the patience (One megabyte took 10min. to copy) and don't try to copy too much at one time (because if you do, you could get half way through a huge transfer when it hits data in a bad sector and explorer will freeze.) My question is this: What is the best method in my situation to get many gigs off of this in a reasonable amount of time without babysitting it all day? BTW, I started to use easus data recovery, but after 36 hours it was nowhere near done--so I cancelled that. Thanks in advance!
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    If I had this problem, I would take the disk out and try to copy the data in a desktop instead.

    If the disk is too hot, you can put a fan blowing air on it and it would help or you can put it in the freezer in an antistatic bag for about 24 hours and try it from there. If it fail, your HD might be too damaged to get the data out of it.
  2. There are pros to do this stuff for you. Go to like BestBuy or Microcenter and they'll have somebody, or probably can recommend somebody good.
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    Thanks for the advice--I'll try that freezer method.
  4. You might f it up. The pros probably won't. Seriously, this isn't DIY stuff
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