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I have a seagate momentus xt hyrbid drive (it's basically a 7200 rpm drive but has a 4gb flash cache for quick boot up) on an asus socket 1156 mobo for an i5-760 (I think the model is a p67 delux, can't remember exactly) so it has sata 2. I used the normal sata cables that come with mobo. I was complaining on a gaming forum that civilization 5 takes a really long time to load and someone suggested replacing my sata cables. The guy claimed that the sata cables that come with your mobo are poor quality and limit your throughput though your harddrive is capable of a lot more. Does this sound reasonable? The game takes a really long time to load but others have said it does for them as well. I think it might be the game's architecture not my setup. I'm 99% sure if there is a hardware bottleneck it's the hard drive because my cpu is quad core overclocked and my gpu shouldn't even be being used during a load but it's an overclocked gtx460, more than capable for civ5. Also have 4gb ddr3 ram so I doubt that's it either.

So should I replace my sata cables or is that a load of baloney?
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    He's talking to make himself look important. A wire is a wire is a wire. Any significant difference might be in the robustness of the connectors at each end.
  2. Imagine standing far away from a huge TV. There is a fog that obscures the images. The fog is the cable quality. the higher the quality the thinner the fog.

    Now imagine trying to read a message on the TV through thick fog. It is rather hard, and you'll make plenty of mistakes. This is analog, and the reason why cable quality is important for analog stuff like audio cables.

    Now imagine the TV blinking on/off, and sending a morse code message through the thick fog. Everything is blurry, but you can easily tell when the TV is on and when it is not. Thus you can understand the message without error regardless of fog thickness/cable quality. This is digital.

    SATA cables are digital. cable quality shouldn't affect anything.
  3. as with any cable if there are no slits in the insulation and no dirt or dust jammed in the socket it is all good.

    it really does not matter what brand it is.
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