network adapter drive issues!!

Today I was trying to connect my pluglink 9650-eth powerline adapter but, windows kept saying that I was having driver issues. So, I connected my pc directly to my modem and windows said I was having network adapter issues!! I don't understand how I am getting this issue if I am not even connected to a network adapter! Can someone please help me?
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  1. It's the network adapter integrated in your CPU, do you have the motherboard's driver CD at hand at any chance? It should be on there, otherwise what's your brand and model of motherboard?
  2. My motherboard is an msi z87 gd-65 motherboard and yes I have the CD with me. So, what do I do with the CD?
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    Put it in the PC and install all drivers, then report back, it should be working by then ;).
  4. Thank you soooooooooo much!!!:)
  5. No problem, have fun! :)
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