IP address different between internal and external checking

So our company network receives a completely different IP address when pinging or nslookup a domain, compared to to doing a traceroute from network-tools.com, or any other external ip\whois lookup site. the ip address that's listed on the external lookup sites is correct. i've tried using different computers from the network(both XP and windows 7), flushing the DNS cache, and still get the same results. i followed the instructions from these threads:

microsoft support


and still cannot resolve the same, correct ip address. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Do you have the same DNS server reported by ipconfig?
    IF so are we talkign about a site that might have multiple mirror servers like Google or Yahoo or a single server hosted address?

    How completely different is this address? Would it be maybe a LOCAL PRIVATE subnet you are getting rather than an external PUBLIC IP that is then FORWARDED to that PRIVATE subnet by a router inside your network? Do you have a LOCAL DNS server that is maybe keeping you from going to the public internet for local requests like it SHOULD? If you use a public external PROXY does it get the so called right IP?
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