Would a 2x6 to 2x8 pcix adaptor work with an msi geforce gtx770 oc? Please help.

i just made a mistake, i got a psu with 1 6+2 pcix connector and 1 6 slot connector, my graphics card has 2 2x8 inputs but it came with an adaptor that makes it a 2x4 connector, can i use it? heres my setup.
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    In this instance, it should be fine. The GTX 770 is a 230W card maxed out. That relates to a bit over 19A on the +12V rail. Your other big amp draw is the processor. But it is only 84W (7A). So it should be fine. It's a good thing you bought a quality PSU, though. It has a nice 44A single +12V rail.
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