Need a gaming mouse and mouse pad suggestion / clawgrip / a bit fingertip maybe

Hello everyone,

I'm going to buy a new mice for my gaming rig but a bit low on budget (30-50 $) so i need some feedback from users of following mouses;

* and please some1 describe how an optical mice beats laser mice in terms of accuracy, is there a huge difference ( i've read the relevant article but still.. )


Also i will buy a mouse pad for gaming ofc.
i've got in my mind ;

Goliathus SPEED Small
SteelSeries QcK,
Razer Sphex

with those options paired with a mice from above list, am I going to have compatibility issues for being optical or laser ? What do you think about Goliathus SPEED edition ?


I'm a 8/10 hardcore gamer, i play League of Legends, Diablo III, BF3, FarCry3 so basicaly not only fps or only RTE/RPG. I use a clawgrip mostly, and some fingertip grip in tight situations. MY hands are fairly big and all i want is smooth control. I dont need a "resistance" on my pad.

Sorry for long post, hope some1 could help me.

Thanks for reading/answering
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  2. dont bump posts. its against the forum rules. if your post isnt getting attention then kindly add some more information to the post instead of just saying bump.

    also realize that you may not get a response in only a few hours so be patient.


    many of the laser mice i've seen have higher dpi ratings. you do not need 8500+ dpi though and often anywhere from 800-3500 is good enough so i would put both of them on about equal footing.

    the one thing about laser which not all users can handle is that the mouse will track if you lift it off the mousepad. if you are in the habit of moving the mouse around like this then you want to stick to optical and not laser.


    do yourself a favor and dont fall for the gimmick of gaming mousepads.

    those mousepads will actually wear at the teflon feet of your mouse quickly and eventually will wear them completely off and you will be scraping the mouse on the pad.

    the only mousepad you will ever need is one of the regular cloth foam-ruber mousepads that you see everywhere. personally i suggest the thicker styles in solid black. i personally use a tekmat link which is the same type of material but is a larger size and was designed as a gun cleaning mat (but its essential a huge mousepad with a good graphic). you can see a photo example below.


    i personally havent used any of the newer gaming logitech mice but i've heard good things about the g500.

    i personally use a razer deathadder (the old style not the new 2013 style) and i know its perfect for people who like a larger mouse with a palm grip. i prefer it over the logitech models because it has very easy to press side buttons and i like the shape better.

    i would suggest heading out to your local microcenter, officemax, staples, best buy or other store which carries mice and has displays so that you can try them out. honestly there is no substitute for this and we can only guess as to what will fit you best.


    hope this answers a few of your questions
  3. Okay, sorry about that "bump" this is my 2nd or 3rd topic, will get used to it.
    i found that g400>g500 basicaly, so i headed over media markt to test ergonomics. It looked nice for my big hand.
    lastly, is that really only a marketing gimmick ? razer, mouse pad 30$ in my country ad a regular 9$ soft/rubber pad is an option as well. so i should go for the cheaper one ? razer doesn't worth it ?
    thank you for your replies.
  4. no problem. just thought i'd give you the warning instead of a moderator.


    what mouse is best for you is a combination of three things:

    -reliability. you want a mouse which doesnt have issues such as faulty drivers, sensors or is prone to breaking.
    -features and price. you want to pick a mouse with the features you want in the price range you specify.
    -comfort. you want a mouse which fits your hand size, grip and has a button arrangement you feel comfortable with.

    just because most people recommend the g500 doesnt mean that its the perfect mouse for you. it may be a very good mouse to put high on your list of canidates but trying it out in person is suggested if at all possible. if not then googleing for some photo comparisons with other mice or trying out similar shaped mice in person may work.

    as far as dpi is concerned most gaming mice should be adequate in this regard. you really dont need anything too extreme.


    $30? i've seen some mousepads go for $70 here for some of the fancy ones with all sorts of led lights and such.

    some people claim that they are better however i dont find this is true.

    some people claim that whatever texture is printed on the pad will get you superior accuracy. this may be true to a point however its not a huge difference and whatever is printed on the mousepad has alot to do with it.

    some people claim a hard mousepad lasts longer. i still have my original black staples mousepad from 2010 and it is still in good condition. hard mousepads will wear also. even if they did last longer this doesnt justify the price.

    hard mousepads will eat away at the teflon feet on your mouse causing your mouse to drag. cloth mousepads will wear away the feet but at a much slower pace. my deathadder is from before 2010 and it still has plenty of life in the pads. once the pads are worn you really one have two choices... try to get replacement pads (not always possible) or use generic replacement pads which are often not designed for the particular mouse you are using so may not be ideal.


    personally i would suggest a regular cloth foam rubber mousepad in solid black. i personally prefer the thicker versions not the very thin cheap versions you find everywhere. you can find them in sizes like my mousepad.

    my current mousepad in the photo is a thin version and does have a printed graphic which i know goes against what i said. the text on the far left hand side can cause the mouse to skip around a little since due to the pattern but the right side is fine. this doesnt bother me as the mousepad has some meaning to me and i like it. the large size is very nice.

    as i said i personally prefer a razer deathadder (old version) since it isnt completely rounded like the logitech mice (the front buttons are on a flat shelf) and the side buttons arent as small (they are larger and very easy to click without looking) but again this is my own personal preference.


    hope that gave you some ideas.
  5. I use a Razer Goliathus Control Edition (Standard size) and find it to be fairly good.

    Also found this just recently, if you like the look of ssddx's gun schematic mouse pad, this might be a good choice.
    Its technically an anti-static pad, where your basically going to be building your rig. But I imagine it would work fine as a mousepad and I would be willing to buy it simply because its so massive and the decal is pretty cool.
  6. Just got an 10$ awesome mousepad with g400.
    few words : g400 is horrible if you clawgrip or fingertip.
    i got a cramp on my hand and still aches for 3+ hours of gaming.
    don't buy g400 if you use that gripstyles.
    other than that, mouse is high quality, nice accuracy, good build quality and nice click feeling ( except middle mouse )
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