Best Graphics Card for under 200

I am looking for the best performing graphics card and figured Id ask all of you since most of you probably have a preference or more knowledge than I when it comes to this. I am looking for the best bang for your buck kinda deal and the most performance for gaming for under $200 preferably under $175. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Computer specs are:
ASRock Z77 extreme 4 pro
Intel core i3-3220
550w psu
8 Gb 1600mhz ballistix low profile sport series
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    the 7850 i think is better and can oc well but ive have not used either so im not sure :P but either of these seem like good choices
  2. A GTX 660 2GB or GTX 650Ti Boost 2GB would be perfect for your rig. And they're the best bang-for-your-buck right now.

    If you really want the free games, go for this HD 7850:
  3. Well you can also find some 7870 right at $200 or under with a rebate I would look at those as well. If only because they come with 3-4 free games rights now. Other than that I would go for a 660 2GB I've seen those on sale for under $200 all the time now.
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