What liquid cooler should I buy for a COOLER MASTER HAF 922 case?

This case:

Compatibility with LGA 1155

I'm worried the one I have my eye on won't fit:

I also noticed that case has a newer model out but since this is my first build should I Just stick with it or should I go for this one?

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  1. Why use water when you've got a huge case? Big cases like that can fit big awesome air coolers that don't require maintenance and provide the same (or darn close) cooling performance, often for less. Check out the Noctua NH-D14 or something by Phantek.
  2. My friend recommended the Hyper 212 EVO:

    I was planning on using all of the available fan slots on the case anyway so should I just pass on the liquid?

    I also plan to over clock
  3. Best answer
    No reason not to go for the newer one, not like it will be anymore complex or difficult to work with.
    That H100i would work in either version.

    The Hyper 212 EVO is a good budget heatsink, if your overclocking aspirations aren't any higher than say 4.2-4.3Ghz then you should be fine for overclocking.
  4. Yeah as long as you aren't using a Haswell processor, manofchalk is right.
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