Need help with choosing a mobo

Im looking to build a lga1150 system but here is the problem
at first i would need to rely on integrated graphics for a month or two.
So im getting corsair vengeance (red) 2133Mhz and my question is does the Gigabyte z87m d3h support it or should i go Asus H87 pro ?
NO oc intended - aesthetics are a dont care for shure
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    Both support that RAM. For chipset I would prefer the Gigbayte one, but for quality and support I would go with the ASUS. You don't care about overclock, so, H87 is perfect for stock settings.
  2. To run 2133 an OC of the CPU is required, that's why there is an "(OC)" next to the DRAM freq, most INtel can handle up tto 1600 w/o an OC, 1866 and up gen requires one
  3. thank you very much kind gentlemen seems i would need to step up the cpu to the 4670k instead of the non k one you both have been usefull to me with your knowledge
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