Multiple Ethernet Cables

Is there a way to connect multiple ethernet cables from my powerline?

I want to connect my computer and xbox to wifi but the powerline only connects to one.
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  1. Get a switch to sit between PC/Xbox and Powerline.
  2. Why are you using cables to connect to WiFi (Wire Free Internet)
  3. A switch
  4. Yeah over kill but it will work I do the same thing but I went down to my local Fry's and picked up a 100mb switch for like $15 I probably could have found one online for 5-10 but I didn't feel like waiting.
  5. DomOum said:

    Never heard of that company, and it's only a 10/100 vs the previous Netgear at 10/100/1000
    But yes, that will work too.
  6. Ok, what would be the best product of powerline/swtich for gaming?
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    Any 10/100/1000 switch from one of the major companies. I doubt there is much 'gaming' difference between any of them.
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