GPU problem. Hard restart mid game.

Specs are as follows -
Core - Intel i7
GPU('s) - 2x Nvidia GeForce GTX 580's (SLI'd)
Ram - 6 gigabytes
Hard Drives - 1x WD velociraptor (1 TB). And 1x WD SSD ( 500 GB)
Okay, so my issue is that every time I get 10 minutes or so into a game my cards fans go extremely loud and my computer does a hard restart. The restart can also occur during startup after the initial crash. I have the case opened and the fans maxed and the problem still continued. I tried playing games non SLI and the problem occurred yet again. But the thing is, some days it will work like a charm and give me no problems. Then others I just cannot play games. I have done multiple full PC virus scans. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you can pass me on to any other site that I can send this report to I will be extremely thankful.
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  1. What tests have you done to say it's a GPU problem?
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