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My computer won't boot up to BIOS. When I take the RAM out, long beeps occur so i know the MOBO is OK. When I turn on my PC, nothing occurs on the moniter and my mouse wont light up. I am thinking that my RAM sticks might have gotten damaged during cleaning but I am not sure if that is the cause. I reset my CMOS battery. I unplugged my SATA HDD, my CD drive, and my extra USB ports. Can somebody help me with it?
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  1. try to reseat your ram, also pay attention to the beaps and check it against the mobo manual. that should tell you what its problem is.
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    Try 1 stick at a time initially, if neither work (unusual you get 2 dead ones) see if you can find a different stick and try that....if that also won't boot then prob bad mobo, bad CPU install, or bad CPU
  3. When you say cleaning, what did you do exactly?
  4. Turns out that one of my RAM slots on my MOBO is broken. I just stuck the RAM in the other slots on my MOBO and I am now typing from the computer :)
  5. Good and bad, at least it's working ;), but sounds like RMA time, a bad slot can lead to other mobo failures :(
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