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Quick question, will energy savings vs balanced vs high performance setting mess with my 4670k downclocking/energy savings ability?

My end goal is a 4.5 OC but still have the energy savings of the chip. not for savings more that I do not want a 24/7 OC.

Any help is great, thanks.
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  1. Unless youre running on a laptop energy saving is completely useless.Especially when OC.There is so little difference and you dont need it as much as you need it on a laptop where you can save up battery.
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    The windows power savings features rlly dont mess with the cpu itself as the cpu has features u can enable and disable for power savings, and the windows ones more are for hard drive sleep/idle, monitor turn off, and other not as important things, go to ur power savings click on one and hit advanced settings and u can turn high performance into energy savings or other way around they all have the same areas u can change just a difference in the specific settings. Also u can go in there to see which settings and things are effected
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