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hey there im just about to upgrade my processor (amd a10-5700 apu) and i wanna know what a good buy is for a new one. my mother board is (MSI MS-7778 (Jasmine)) and i would also like to know what other compatibility issues i should look into before purchasing my new possessor. i know that its an fm2 sockett so will any fm2 socket work? im pretty new when it comes to building ur own computer so i would like all the help i can get.
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  1. According the specs here, you can upgrade to an A10-5800K.

  2. Hi,
    Bassically you won't get anything if you upgrade it to 5800K. 5700 - 5800 is not upgrade worth money. According to benchmarks you'll get 6% greater performance which is not much.

    Best regards.
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