Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 stutter problem

Hello, I have this problem with MW3 in both single and mutiplayer. So I have noticed that on my 4830 this game ran like a pig back when the game was first released, so I never gained interest in it. However I was using a 6670 the last few weeks, and we decided with some friend to play MW3 multiplayer. The game ran perfectly on the new videocard and I had no problem with it, however I had to say goodbye to the 6670 and use my 4830 instead. And the problem on the video card is this: normally the game runs at 50-60 fps however there are frame drops very frequently and stutter. The frames drop to 1-10 and the stutter is awful. The game freezes and I can't understand why. I tried with old and new drivers. Nothing seems to help. And I know the GPU can handle this game because I play a lot more demanding games than COD, and in terms of raw power the card is the same as the 6670. Any suggestions?
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  1. Raw power does not necessarily bridge the gap over two entire generations of cards, but what CPU do you have?
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