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I will be upgrading from my i7 950 to haswell soon, and wanted to know a little more about hyper threading to help me decide whether to buy an i5 or an i7.

I've done some research on hyper threading and know that some applications use it and most dont. I use my computer for mostly programming (Visual Studio) and heavy gaming and from what I've found out, games dont use HT for the most part.

Now my main question (for which I could not find any conclusive info) is does Windows (Win 8) itself make use of hyper threading? I mean if let's say you have a bunch of background processes running like your Anti Virus etc, and you are running crysis 3 in the foreground, does windows make use of hyper threading to distribute work load to the logical cores independent of whether the program was optimized for multiple threads? or does the program in question itself have to be coded to make use of the logical cores provided by hyper threading?

Anyone who has information regarding this with some kind of source to back it up would greatly help me in deciding my config.

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    Windows will make use of all eight threads, yes. In particular more recent versions of Windows have improved how tasks are allocated to real and virtual cores.
  2. Windows XP and up supports Hypethreading. Hyperthreading was first introduced on Pentium 4 chips back in the early 2000s.
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