This this PSU reliable?

I need a PSU to run a radeon 7770.

Will this PSU work? Yes, it is a Coolmax. However it is 80 certified and has great reviews. I know Coolmax is a low quality brand, but this PSU my be an exception. Every brand has good and bad products right?

Please note i'm on a budget.

If the coolmax is a no go how about this coolermaster:

Its 80+ bronze and awesome reviews. Only gives 450w. I feel this may be not enough power for my radeon 7770 and AMD athlon x4 750k quad core processor.
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  1. I would much rather you buy a Corsair CX than one of those. The GX is better than the Coolmax one at least.
  2. Agreed. CX430 is better than Coolermaster a bit. And you can get it cheaper on Newegg now. As far as power needs you don't need to be worried about wattage. Your system will draw 250W max and both of these supplies will be sufficient.

    Best regards.
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    I would not trust that PSU but that is your all. WIth the amount you listed it will be tough to find a high quality PSU.

    Spend a little more money and think about 1 of these:

    Rosewill Green Series RG430-S12 430W Continuous @40°C, 80 PLUS Certified, Single 12V Rail $49


    Just remember the PSU is the heart of your system, if you go cheap and push it too much you could cause real bad damage to your PC
  4. That is one of the few decent Coolmaster PSU's,Ksham is dead on stay away from coolmax.
  5. Thanks for your answers everyone. I think ill go with the 450w GX as its in a combo deal with my card. Thanks for all the help.
  6. To answer your inquiries:

    radiantjet said:
    I would just like to be clear on the amount of watts my PC will need. I'm using a radeon 7770 and AMD athlon x4 quad core 750k processor. 4gb ram ddr3 (1 stick), an optical drive (dvd-rom or below) and a 7200rpm hard drive (3.5") My motherboard is a regular desktop, nothing high end. ($60) Can you please tell me how much watts I'll need?

    I would say between 300W - 350W.

    radiantjet said:
    I picked the cooler master 450w. Will it be enough?


    radiantjet said:
    Can you clarify what the efficiency % means? Does that mean how much wattage it will actually put out, or is it the amount it takes in? (So a 85% would be really good on electricity and cost lower to run?)

    The efficiency of the PSU's ability to convert AC to DC.
  7. You rock ksham, sorry I did not read your tags.
  8. You are welcome. Feel free to ask if you have further inquiries.
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