New router/network - very slow connection on one device only

I recently spread my wings and moved from my parents' house. On their wifi, my laptop had good connection speed, around 15 mb/s according to Speakeasy. This is on Comcast Performance internet. At my house, using a new router and modem, I'm getting an average of about 1 mb/s. I can barely watch Youtube videos on low quality. My fiance's laptop is getting about 18 mb/s on the same network. Our smart phones are also working fine. The only device with a problem is my laptop.

The laptop is an HP Pavilion DV4. According to the device manager, the wifi adapter is a Broadcom 4322AG 802.11a/b/g/draft-n. I tried updating the driver to the latest version, which had no impact whatsoever. I thought maybe the timing of the problem was coincidental, so I took the laptop back to my parents' house for a test. The speed was back up to 15 mb/s. I guess I should mention that the modem (at my house) is a Motorola Surfboard sb6121.

Any help is appreciated. Also, I am a bit of a noob with PCs, so keep that in mind when making your responses. Thanks!
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  1. Additional info:

    A wired connection to my network has increased connection speed to over 20 mb/s. Unplug the cable and it drops back to 1. The upload speed never changed. It has always been around 4 mb/s.

    I have scanned my computer using Norton and Malwarebytes. The scans did find and fix a few items, but my problem persists.

    UPDATE: I brought another laptop to my house for a test, and it is getting 0.37 mb/s download speed. Still 4+ upload speed though. Apparently it's not just my laptop.

    I just realized I posted this in the networking forum instead of the wireless networking forum. Sorry about that.
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