Need help computer wont turn on after force shutdown

Yea so my computer wont turn on , the cpu wont start , i cant see any light when i click the power button neither can i see any fans spinning . It started with a weird problem , i was trying to turn on my computer but i couldnt as it showed that its in sleep mode and no matter what i did i wasn't able to turn it on but at that time my cpu was working just fine as in i could see the blue light and could hear the fans spinning but then i shut the main plug and when i turned it on my cpu just stopped working . I checked all the wires and made sure everthing is connected . So can anyone tell me what the problem is ?
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  1. So when you say CPU, you mean the computer? Sounds like something inside it died - video or motherboard or power supply. If the computer is no longer responding when you press the power button, it's probably your motherboard, which is the hardest component to replace...

    Sounds like you probably have an off-the-shelf computer, so can we get the model name? The cheapest thing will be to order the same type of motherboard and replace it (not for the faint of heart).
  2. I have it under warrenty , so will it be replaced?
  3. cruelways said:
    I have it under warrenty , so will it be replaced?

    Oh yeah, definitely - contact the manufacturer and warranty that thing. I was thinking it was an older PC.
  4. Oh no its a fairly new piece , model no is Asus P8 Z77-V Pro
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