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I've asked several times this with multiple questions and this particular question hasn't been answered.
I m considering 3770k or 4770k I know 4770k a little better but has higher temps it seems across the board but in over clocking with same cooling may try water or high end air with the higher stable oc of 3770k which would be better with so little in price difference price isn't an issue I do rendering data carving and plan on getting alot better gaming system as I am moving from console btw Im proba ly getting gtx 780 so im not worried about the cpus gpu as much
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  1. It’s because you will never get a straight answer. Because you have too many factors left out.
    For example what would your theoretical test bench be made with? (Motherboard chipset components (watercooled North Bridge and memory), ram, hard drives) what heat sink or water block is used.
    And what is your overclocking goal. And most importantly is the 7% better performance offset by the high overclock on the 3770k.
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    Overall with a good 3770K and a good 4770K the 4770K his a little more powerful, depends on who you talk to but generally think it's agreed up to a 10% gain....the higher OC a 3770K achieve can often offset that advantage, so at sort of an impasse. The 4770K can handle higher freq DRAM and more of it more effectively so that's a plus for it. The 3770K cost less as do the mobos, so plusses for it....If planning to, or thinking about moving to a Broadwell CPU next year then plus for the 4770K (probably) as you already would have a mobo that would work (and I said probably, because may well see new models of 1150 come out that will use either DD3 or DDR4 and possibly/probably 1150 mobos running only DDR4 (if DDR4 stays on track and comes out)
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