Partition HDD for faster read/write times?

Hello, is it useful to make separate hdd partitions from 1 hard drive (like D: Drive, 400GB, for games, E: Drive, 1.5 GB for films) to increase the performance speed?

Are there any other tips for improving HDD speed?

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  1. Best is not to partition your harddrive at all if we are talking mecanical drives - are we talking SSD´s it does not matter.
  2. Taking the trash out and defragging every now and again helps some. Plus a good registry cleaner/optimizer helps too.

    The reason I ask is because I came across the above article.

    When setting up my naked disk, I enabled the entire usable volume as its own partition. Was that the correct way to do it?
  4. Yes, there is nothing wrong with the way you did it. Do the basic maintenance every now and again, like I mentioned above.
  5. Partitions are created, on a mechanical hard drive, from the outside (faster) part to the inner (slower) part of the platters so partitioning makes it easier to sort your stuff to areas based on speed. for example making 3 partitions would give you C:, D:, and E: which correlate to transfer speed: fastest, medium, and slowest. So you can install games and programs needing faster access to C:; Pics, Movies, Music... to E:

    What you really want to avoid is having to read and write to the drive at the same time. Thats where SSD's really shine since they don't waste 9ms or more moving the heads like HDD's do.
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