Sound is Messed Up

My sound is basically playing on different channels, if you know what i'm talking about. It sounds distorted and when watching (or listening) to a video/song, I can barely hear the lyrics, just some background sounds.

I tried changing the audio to Stereo and disabling enhancements, but to no avail.

I'm on the verge of re-installing Windows 7.

Any help is much obliged.
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    Using motherboard's sound connection with current/working drivers?

    Sounds like a conflict between audio device drivers and the software UI that you use to fine tune settings.
    Find the sound control panel program in the "uninstall a program" section of control panel and uninstall it, then go into device manager and see if the audio device shows any yellow warning symbols like a driver issue. Either way, might want to uninstall/reinstall audio drivers and see if you can get away with just doing that without using whatever UI program came on the motherboard drivers disk.
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